What is Guitar Heronoid?

An android that plays the Guitar Hero game. A computer processes the video feed from the PlayStation2, detects where, when and how to play and moves the fingers accordingly. This project was done by GarageGeeks members Rafael Mizrahi and Tal Chalozin.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Guitar HeroNoid first live show at KinnerNet2007 dining room.

10 minutes before the first live show at KinnerNet2007 dining room.

Guitar HeroNoid 4th integration 5 AM
The first time it came to life.

Solenoid tests with an input file created by the robot's brain.

Video detection - single player

Video detection - multi player


Nathan said...

Yea, but you cant even get it to get it all right. Aren't computers always supposed to be correct?

Nokia5574 said...

Very Nice :D

Ben said...

looks cool ;-P

Joshua said...

I'd be better at GH if I had 5 non-thumb fingers to work with too.

Laser Toner Dave said...

Yeah I'm guessing that it must be the less than perfect optical recognition thing that cannot "Read" the notes perfectly? I would assume that the robotic fingers should be able to press all the buttons perfectly, if given the correct input.

Great invention and definitely looks cool!

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Clark said...

That image looks awesome,but is the robot is playing Guitar Hero in play station??? I don't think this console has a guitar to play, it must be a xbox or play station 3. This game makes me feel so excited as generic viagra.